In the early 2000?s, we looked at the unique make-up of our church and realized the quality (and quantity) of young people actively involved in our congregation through Aggies for Christ. We realized many of these students have a heart for missions, but may not have an opportunity to explore the notion of mission work unless we intentionally offer such experiences. The result was an increased number of summer mission trips led by the AFCers themselves. We currently send four or five summer teams per year that spend about five weeks serving alongside missionaries and local churches.

In 2001, we launched Serve Abroad, a mission internship lasting six-months to two-years equipped by a team currently in the field. Each student who commits to Serve Abroad receives a half scholarship from our church family and are then challenged to raise the remainder of the funds through partnerships with family, friends and their homechurch. By the end of 2011, we had 55 Serve Abroad interns who had served on the mission field.

In 2006, we decided to change our focus regarding long-term mission work. Due to the potential among our university students, we realized our best efforts at expanding the Kingdom of God would be to recruit and encourage these young people to form teams, train well and move to their chosen field together to express and demonstrate God’s love in community.  Particularly focusing on Aggies interested in missions, Project 153 began. Once formed, these teams are supported by our church family during their year of training at the end of which we pass the torch to their respective supporting churches.


lima-for-amchurch-web1Lima, Peru

Wes ’02 & Stacy ’01 Yoakum
Justin & Alison Thompson
Mark & Kami Clancy ’02
John Mark ’03 & Tara ’03 Davidson
Lee & Stephanie Fletcher



for-amchurch-websitePhayao, Thailand

Chris ’00 & Tonya ’00 Fikes
Derran & Ann Reese
Ryan & Ning Binkley
Haley Edmiston ’03




conce-for-amchurch-webConcepcion, Chile

Wes & Ellen Shutt
Reid ’06 & Meriden Overall
Deanna Meredith
Chad & Sara Lukkason



Taborra Team 2Tabora, Tanzania

  • Adam & Katy Hacias
  • Garrett & Stacy East





What In The World Is Project 153?

If you are interested in more information about Missions or Project 153, contact the International Minister, Lyndsay Phillips at lyndsay@amchurch.net