On Sunday, October 11, we began our latest Faith@Home Initiative, Connected 3D.  We all can get distracted easily by the technology that surrounds us.  Additionally, our mobile devices can take our time and attention away from our family and our God. 
Connected 3D is intended to help each of us, as individuals, and help our families to:
       Disconnect to connect
       Deepen internal values
       Develop external boundaries
Disconnect to connect – there are times and places in our lives when we need to disconnect from the things that distract us in order to connect with those who are most important to us.  A screen on a TV, phone, computer or tablet can easily take you away from the ones who you love the most.  Sometimes we need to simply turn the devices off, not because we are anti-technology, but because we are for deep, meaningful relationships.
Deepen internal values – too often, we let the urgent things take the place of the important things.  Family gets pushed to the side because of emails that need to be returned.  Time with God gets postponed because of other things which seem to need our immediate attention.  When we deepen internal values, we make sure we spend time with the relationships which are most important.  We make time for conversation.  We make time for prayer.  We grow closer to our family by spending time together.  Real, uninterrupted time.  We grow closer to God by spending time in prayer and spending time in the Word.  We are the first generation to carry a Bible around with us at all times (on our phones) yet we seem to turn to social media or a game on our phones way more than we turn to the Bible. It’s time to deepen internal values…with our family and with God. 
Develop external boundaries – there are places/times in our lives which need to be “tech-free zones.”  For you, maybe it’s at the dinner table.  Or maybe in the car when you’re traveling with friends or loved ones.  For families, maybe all bedrooms are “tech-free zones” so that individuals do not go to their room and disconnect with their family while staring at a screen.  Additionally, technology has brought opportunity to easily view pornography at any time.  Maybe the external boundary for you needs to be accountability software.  Or maybe you need to find someone who you can be accountable, give them the passwords to your device, and ask them to check it on a regular basis.  If we do not put boundaries in place in our lives regarding time and use of technology, it can be harmful to our relationships in ways we never intended. 
For more about Connected 3D, listen to the sermon from October 11 and visit the Faith@Home Center at our church building.
If you are part of our church family, look for updates each week on The City, in the bulletin and through our Connected 3D text message updates.
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Screensavers and lock-screen images are available at amworship.net.  Click on image above to go to the screensavers and lock-screen images page.
Sherry Turkle – TED talk on technology.  Click the picture above to go to the video, hosted on vimeo.
mckee-tedJonathan McKee – youth ministry and teen expert, author of “Should I Just Smash My Kids Phone,” and speaker, talking about technology and how it impacts our children.