Church Community Builder
Frequently Asked Questions:
What is CCB?
Church Community Builder (CCB) is a web-based church community resource in addition to our website that enables our members to connect online. Through CCB you can:
– Securely communicate needs, events, prayer requests, service opportunities and more with church staff and members
– Easily share your contact information and keep it up to date
– Access the online church directory
– Track small group activities
– Make and keep track of financial contributions
– Register and make payments for events, camps and mission trips
– Reserve events to be held at the church building
Why do we use CCB?

Although “CCB” stands for “Church Community Builder” we’ve added another version of the acronym to explain the benefits of the change:

Cost – The church will experience significant savings over our current system.

Consolidation We will roll four separate software packages into one.

BenefitsMinistry and communication processes will be greatly improved

We have already exported data to CCB – so – if you see an email from – it is legitimate. 
How do I use CCB?
One of the best ways to start getting familiar with CCB is to check out the Guide to CCB.
This guide will give you some helpful tips for using the system and direct you to some of the most important help videos and articles. Another great way to learn CCB is to login and spend some time browsing around and checking out all of the features. 
Who has access to CCB?
Anyone who is part of the A&M Church family can request and receive a login to CCB. Guests are also welcome, but will have limited access to the system.  If your email address is in our church database, you will automatically receive an email with a link to activate your account and set your password. If you do not receive the email, be sure to check your spam folder. The basic level of access to CCB allows you to update your contact information and view your giving history. Most users will also have access to the online church directory. In circumstances where someone is misusing the online community, the church office may restrict or block access to CCB.
Is CCB secure?
Church Community Builder works hard to make sure all of your data is secure (see CCB security statements). CCB lets you control what information you make available to other users of the online community. While it is encouraged to make most of your information available to other members of the A&M Church of Christ for building community, you are able to opt out of the online directory completely or determine what information in your profile is visible to specific sets of people.