Brazos Church Pantry

bcp_logo_newThe Brazos Church Pantry, also referred to as the Church Pantry, is an organization whose mission is to “provide food assistance to our hungry neighbors from a centralized food pantry supported by Christians, Churches, and other individuals and organizations throughout the community”

Currently there are an estimated 30 churches participating, contributing $30 in dues each month, plus additional donations. Individuals and local food drives also provide food and monetary donations.

The board of directors meets once a month and there are no paid personnel- everyone is a volunteer. The volunteers interview, sack the groceries, carry out the groceries, stock the shelves, order and pick up the food. Maintenance on the rented building is done by volunteers unless a professional is required. At this time we have 13 members of the A&M church of Christ that volunteer each Thursday morning. Persons interested in this ministry are encouraged to visit the Pantry and see firsthand the good that is being accomplished.

Each month the number of persons requesting assistance is greater and there is an increasing need for food, money and volunteers. If you would like to serve as a volunteer, please call 979-822-2660.